I UK [ˈfɜː(r)ðə(r)] / US [ˈfɜrðər] adjective, adverb ***

Further can be used in the following ways: - as an adverb: She walked further up the hill. - after the verb "to be": From our house to the city centre is only six miles, but it's further if you follow the river. - as an adjective (only before a noun): Further details are available from the office. - as a sentence adverb: We will not accept any work that is not of a satisfactory standard. Further, you will not be paid for such work.
1) a longer distance
a) going a longer distance

I don't want to drive any further today.

The family had moved again, a hundred miles further west.

further than:

Paul threw the ball further than Steve.

b) at a greater distance away from a place, or a greater distance in a particular direction
further from:

I would like to live further from the main road.

further away/back/ahead etc:

A little further ahead, you'll come to a crossroads.

They're further back in the crowd.

2) [usually in negatives] past a certain point
a) past a certain place or point

The fog was so thick that I could see no further than the front gate.

He had never progressed further than key stage 2 in his musical studies.

b) used when saying how long before or after a particular time something is

Most of the songs date back no further than the last century.

further on/back:

His problems started a lot further back than his divorce.

Six years further on and still there's been no decision.

3) to a greater degree used for saying that something exists or happens more, or to a greater degree

Matters were further complicated by the unexpected arrival of Stuart.

still/even further:

Her health may worsen even further if she doesn't have the operation.

further and further (= gradually more):

The party was moving further and further away from its socialist principles.

4) additional used for talking about an additional thing or amount

Further information is available from the secretary.

I have nothing further to say on the subject.

No further steps have been taken to avoid the crisis.

a further five/ten/hundred etc:

He says the company plans a further 100 UK stores.

5) formal adding another statement used for introducing another statement that you are adding to what you have just said, especially when you are trying to emphasize or prove something.

The new service will be considerably more expensive. Further, it will only be available in certain areas.

far, look I, notice II

II UK [ˈfɜː(r)ðə(r)] / US [ˈfɜrðər] verb [transitive]
Word forms "further":
present tense I/you/we/they further he/she/it furthers present participle furthering past tense furthered past participle furthered
to help the progress of something so that it is more likely to be successful

efforts to further the peace process

The best way of furthering your career might be to leave your present job.

English dictionary. 2014.

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